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Portapros or Senn PX-100

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Both are in about the same price range at the big A, so these are the two I'm looking at.

I'm just looking for a portable, comfortable, and good sounding pair of headphones(that I'll be using with either my Android, Sansa Clip, or Cowan D2) for work. I listen to mostly jazz and blues, but i do mix it up with some classic rock and Reggae as well.

So which ones are the most clear sounding and better match for my listening needs? It looks like both are tried and true and probably couldn't go wrong with either. I do like the lifetime warranty of the portapros though... Plus i dig the older look of them(another reason why I love Grado's). But i thought I'd ask hoping someone has or had both and could give me a comparison.

So...booming bass isn't a concern considering what i listen to. Just nice, balanced, clean and clear, and natural sounding is what I'm looking for.

Thanks for the help.
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I find the PortaPros to be a bit more even sounding.

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I would go for the sennheisers. I have both, and while I'm a fan of the koss sound, I like the px100-II for their added comfort and stronger bass which comes in handy for rock. You can't go wrong either way. I prefer the portapro drivers on the ksc75 clip-ons as the separation created by the clip-ons make them sound a bit better.

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I found the Sennheisers too bassy.

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Hmm... Well you guys gave me a little to think about. It looks like i really won't go wrong either way.

Anyways, I'm thinking about getting both since I've become hooked on phones. One now and the other in a couple months. So the question is which one should I get first? Guess it's a good problem to have.

Thanks for the responses guys. And if anyone else wants to chime in please feel free to do so.
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And Johndoe, I've read those clip ons are pretty good as well, so that's something else to consider.

Anyways, are both pretty clear sounding? I remember when I got my akg Quincy Jones Q10's they were kinda muddy. But then I let them sit there and play for about thirty hours straight and they became so clear when i put them back on , I was amazed. I'm wondering if either of these are going to benefit from a break in period as well. I've had some that did benefit and some that really didn't make that big of a difference in.
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You should consider looking at the Koss KSC75 with the Parts Express headband.  Both items can be found at Amazon.


I used to own both PortaPro and PX100 but this was some years ago, but from memory, I found the PX100 to be quite dark sounding, the PortaPro I think had a clearer midrange and a bit more treble but still bassy.


I can say with confidence that I like the KSC75 better than those two, it sounds more balanced to me and I think it has better clarity too, so it's more in line with the sound signature you are looking to get.  I also find the Parts Express headband to be more comfortable (it does not fold up though).

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Alright, thank you for that info wskl. I appreciate it. I may just end up getting all three. tongue.gif I mean they're cheap enough.

Alright thanks a lot guys. I'm gonna get two or three pairs just to have. I'll update this when I have them with my personal impressions.

Thanks again. And others, feel free to chime in as well...
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I have the PX100, PX100ii, KSC 35 (supposedly same driver as the portapro), and KSC75 and a I prefer them in that order.  It all depends on your preference.  KSC75 is fun, but I prefer the laid back signature of the PXs.  I like the PX100ii just as much as the PX100 if I use the bass reducer EQ setting on my iphone/ipod.  The PX100ii bass overwhelms the mids and highs in a quiet setting, but with normal background noise (walking/running outside), it's just about right.  I use the Radio Shack replacement foam meant for the KSCs on my PX100/100ii.  It's thinner than the stock Sennheiser foam, so it doesn't filter out as much treble as the stock foam.  Oh, I also use the Parts express headband on both KSCs.  I don't care for ear clips.  


I'm sure you're gonna enjoy all of them!

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I think you should also take a look at the Sennheiser PX95. I find them to be less dark than the PX100, but not as bright as the Koss KSC75. I think it's really a shame that the PX95s don't get much love.
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Originally Posted by kjk1281 View Post

I think you should also take a look at the Sennheiser PX95. I find them to be less dark than the PX100, but not as bright as the Koss KSC75. I think it's really a shame that the PX95s don't get much love.

Gee, I really wish you hadn't mentioned the PX95.  Now, I'll have to try them! :veryevil: :wink: 

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Well i received my portapros today(obviously I went with them first), and my first impressions are awesome.

I've read that the cord is really thin and flimsy. That's really not the case with mine at all, they're fairly thick(not Grado thick, just not like a thin string like on some iem's) and feel fairly sturdy. Plus i was pleasantly surprised that they came with a 45 degree jack. I thought for sure they'd come with a straight one.

Anyways, went to a couple tracks that i always use to audition new phones, and they sounded great. Like i said I'm a jazz fan, and the thunk of the strings from the upright bass sounds absolutely fantastic. And all the horns come out great. Nice and clear sounding, just what I wanted. I hate muddiness.

They're comfortable too. I do however wish there were some padding on the headband. Are there any mod or replacement headband for these, like the are for Grado's? There's a couple different wrap around or straight up padded replacements for the Grado's that don't have good padding(like the 60/80's).

I'm definitely going to try the ksc75's with the headband mod. I didn't know koss made quality sounding products. When i first got into good sounding headphones I was first recommended the portapros or the Grado sr60's. I went with the Grado's and fell in love, so I'm glad I've finally gotten a chance to get the portapros. Even better that I'm happy with them.

Ok, enough rambling. Like i mentioned I'm going to get the other ones mentioned in this thread as well. I can't have too many portable phones for work. So next will be the ksc725's(with the headband earlier mentioned in thread),the px 100-II's, and the newly mentioned px95. Which thank you for that recommendation.

I appreciate the help guys.
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Looks like the px95's have the same flimsy metal headband as the portapros. Are they fairly comfortable? The pads look comfy though... More so than the px-100's, just by the images.
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I don't particularly find the PX95's headband to be flimsy at all. The metal is bendable, but not easily.

They are extremely comfortable. The earcups articulate up and down and back and forth, and the pads are very soft and plush. They are easily the most comfortable on-ear headphones I've had. (I actually found the PX100 to get annoying after an hour's use, and don't get me started on the V-Moda M-80...)
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Originally Posted by h8uthemost View Post

So next will be the ksc725's(with the headband earlier mentioned in thread)


In case you are unaware, the PP drivers will also fit on the PE headband if you want to save some money and just test out the fit. The drivers pop on and off the same on the PP, ksc75, ksc35, sportapro, yuin g1a/g2a, etc.


Just FYI.


EDIT: My favorite combination is a toss-up between stock portapro and ksc35/pp/sportapro (drivers identical just different colors, ksc75 use different metallized drivers that aren't nearly as good IMO) with yuin earclips. The yuin earclips can actually be bought as an accessory (without the g1a/g2a driver on head-direct). I much prefer the koss's to the sennheisers (both px100/ii and px95) for both sound and comfort.

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