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Both are in about the same price range at the big A, so these are the two I'm looking at.

I'm just looking for a portable, comfortable, and good sounding pair of headphones(that I'll be using with either my Android, Sansa Clip, or Cowan D2) for work. I listen to mostly jazz and blues, but i do mix it up with some classic rock and Reggae as well.

So which ones are the most clear sounding and better match for my listening needs? It looks like both are tried and true and probably couldn't go wrong with either. I do like the lifetime warranty of the portapros though... Plus i dig the older look of them(another reason why I love Grado's). But i thought I'd ask hoping someone has or had both and could give me a comparison.

So...booming bass isn't a concern considering what i listen to. Just nice, balanced, clean and clear, and natural sounding is what I'm looking for.

Thanks for the help.