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Thanks for the information!
The Momentums are not for me, they look nice and have good sound but the earcups are too small for my ears.
The K550s are interesting. You say they have nice sound and are comfortable? Is there a way I can replace the ear pads with Beyerdynamic style ones?
The Brainwavz headphones don't seem to be good for me.

I've never seen any pad replacements on the K550 but I did use Curly's stuffed pads mod and I got a better seal and more comfort!

And yea, they sound very clean with a detailed uncolored mid range, and has deep clear bass extension but isn't too bassy, and the treble is pretty bright and detailed but never hot or fatiguing! If you want a bit of a fuller midrange and some bigger bodied bass, you could pick up the k545, still great detail but with some more body and thickness in the lower mids and bass region, another loved can on here!