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Compatible SSDs

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Sometime last year I swapped an 80gb HDD for a Super Talent 120 SSD in a used 5.5 Gen, then with a bit of help from a 'genius' on the Rockbox site successfully converted it to my favourite software....After adding a FiiO Andes E07K & the 64 Ears V3s I couldn't be happier with the results.


I fancy making a second/back-up (you can never have too many iPods - right ?) but with a different SSD.       Anybody out there successfully done the same thing with a "Mach Xtreme Technology 120GB Nano ZIF Series 1.8" PATA SSD" to get similar results (Rockbox is a 'must-have')     Prices are around £150 (unless anyone can tell me cheaper) which I think is a slight reduction on their initial RRP.

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With a recent rockbox patch you can now use msata drives (albeit with an adaptor which adds to the cost).  240 gig crucial ones tend to go for around £90 or so on amazon uk, and the 480 gig going for £176 or so.


All the details are in the thread.

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