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Help a newbie with an amp and LOD

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I just bought Sony F886, and am looking for a portable amp and LOD combo. The DAP has enough power to drive my Kef m200 and Sennheiser CX300 IEMs. But if I want to really blast with the Kefs, I'd need more power on the go.


My research has more or less settled on FiiO E11, perhaps with an extra battery. Reasonable price and very portable, and their E12 doesn't seem to offer much to justify the much bigger size and weight, for me (my ears aren't golden by any stretch), let alone double the price.


I've been PMing with dimmockg who has F886 and E12, and he recommended Forza Audio Works LOD cable due to its smaller size over FiiO's L5. What cable length would be good? I'd think 2-3cm should be enough since I'm thinking of getting the L-plug for smaller size. They do custom lengths. 50+ EUR for a cable sounds nuts, but they do look sexy.


Does the combination above sound like a good combination, keeping portability in mind?

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Hey smily_headphones1.gif

The only amp I have used (with the f886) is the e12 - so I can only comment on this and to me the performance is superb. Paired with dunu dn1000 and a good recording the sound is simply jaw dropping.

I have an UK / EU player and would certainly recommend an amp with the f886 - just adds a little more juice to an already excellent DAP and gives that little more where / when required. As of yet I cannot comment on the FAW cable as it's not arrived yet but I think I went for 3.5cm in length (cable part).

I did have an e11 many moons ago, whilst a nice amp the build quality (imo) is not a patch on the e12 - if possible I'd recommend doing a side by side if you can to see for yourself. The size of the e12 also matches the sony perfeclty smily_headphones1.gif

Another consideration I was mulling over was a headtsage arrow - but I think the size would be a little on the short size

Portability is of no issue to me at all with the f886 and e12 and it sits nicely in my jean pocket smily_headphones1.gif - the fiio l5 lod currently pokes out the top a little but I envisage that not happening when the FAW arrives. Alternatively & in 99% of cases when I am listening I am generally on the move and have the dap / amp in a case (camera type bag) in a laptop bag

I'll see if i can get some pictures up this evening so people can see
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Thanks! Still can't justify paying almost twice for a bigger amp, so I'll go for the E11. hdphns.com is a local retailer, based in Amsterdam, so warranty claims should be easy.


I'll probably order a FAW LOD cable, as I'm only getting the stock unit which comes with a headphone jack connector AFAICT.

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