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Truly Exceptional Audio Experiences

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This thread is to fill a gap I can't find.

I want to hear stories of your truly exceptional audio experiences. Just list the equipment and the track(s) and don't hate on each other when they post "My best listening experience was Kanye's new album on my iPod headphones. This is to spread the love of audio, regardless of genre or taste.


My best listening experience to date:

Daft Punk's "Random Access Memories"

Streamed from Spotify (not even highest quality streaming :eek:)

Schiit Modi, Schiit Vali

Audio-Technica ATHM50s


Something about these tubes and this album just worked.

Anybody else?

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I've been having a lot of those experiences since I got my new DT-880s a few weeks ago! Right now I use a Presonus Central Station but I'm currently searching for a dedicated amp.


Diana Krall has been amazing on these phones.


I avoided listening to Daft Punk because I was getting hit over the head with them from all directions, but the other day I finally did, and wow, what a recording. I hate the vocal processing on everything, but great recording.


A long, long, time ago I dabbled in audiophile equipment on a budget and bought a Nakamichi CD player and an Adcom preamp (GTP-400). The first song on that setup that blew my mind was Suertramp's The Logical Song. The snare's top end and the hi-hats are so sweet -- the epitome of "hi-fi".

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Yeah, Daft Punk's newest album was sampled live on as many as four different microphones at once. Then all mixed back together. Pretty cool stuff. 

I will have to listen to Diana Krall on the ATHM50s


Hopefully we get some more cool posts, thanks

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