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New member introduction

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Hi all,


I wanted to introduce myself as I have just joined the forum (I hope this is the correct sub-forum area!).  I am aged 41 living in the UK and recently acquired a taste for good headphones and headphone amps, although I have been into full size hi-fi for a number of years.  I think I have a fairly good system (well sounds great to my ears!) and I am really interested to explore the world of good headphones further!  Look forward to contributing where I can and learning from other forum members.



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Welcome to Head-Fi. Sorry about your wallet! biggrin.gif

What headphones are you currently running? smily_headphones1.gif
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Thanks for the welcome.  I am currently using Grado SR80i and AKG K550 to listen to my Bel Canto front end in my system.  I was using a lowly creek OBH11 but am awaiting delivery of a Lehmann Linear.  Upgradeitis has struck and I can feel a better pair of headphones coming on also...........

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