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I currently have a pair of Earsonic sm1's that I would like to upgrade in a couple of ways:

1. I feel as though they lack some detail; i appreciate the neutral sound signature, however I could do with more detail, soundstage and perhaps a tinge of warmth

2. They have less than impressive isolation. I previously had a pair of Asg 1.3's that crushed the sm1's for isolation (but they sounded horrible). I would like better isolation


I have two options, either reshell the sm1's (which I could do through inEarz for 95+20 for recessed sockets, or through another company if the quality would be better), or I could sell the Sm1's and buy a pair of flat out customs, such as the JH-5, 1964 ears V2, Lear LCM-2C (etc., other options are greatly appreciated). I would like to know which would provide me with superior sound (seeing as the sm1's would be remolded, isolation would be equal). Anyone with entry level CIEM's have any valuable experience to share? Thanks!