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Koss KSC75. I still have 2 of these on headbands.

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Originally Posted by Claritas View Post

Lots of Kosses it seems.

Yeah.  When I bought the Porta Pro the choices were limited - no Beats, Monster, or Skull crap to confuse the consumer. 



My first cans after discovering Head-Fi were the the Grado SR60 and the Sennheiser PX100.

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They were the Senn's with the yellow ear foam from the mid-70s. HD 414s?

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Some cheap £30 creative Fatal1ty headset.

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Koss TNT/55... whatever Radioshack was selling them as at the time.

They were much more comfortable than the Pro35 or whatever it is they have now.

They were listed as $50 but nearly always "on sale" for $20.


This version had a better headband and larger foam earpads.


This was back when everyone was still using cassette tapes.


If Koss re-released an EXACT clone of this for $40 I'd buy it for sure.



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a full-size pair of aiwas. I think they were called "xp-222" or something like that. I gave them to my older brother and he used them beyond pad extinction before getting some audio technica ath-anc7's (on my advice). My first headphones after coming here were the koss ksc-35's

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Some Beyerdynamic DT75s I bought at a music shop.

Not sure what happened to them actually.
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My father's old Koss Stereophones plugged into the headphone jack of a Pioneer 4 channel stereo receiver from the 1970's. As a teenager, I used to use his older stereo components found in the basement. The headphones are brown with dried out foam ear pads. I actually still have them. I don't recall the sound quality being noteworthy at the time but just a way to blast some 80's rock at night without disturbing the family.


I have always been interested in headphones ever since.


After discovering and researching Head-Fi, I got a pair of Grado SR-60's, which I've had for about 8 years now.

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Sennheiser HD 420s bought in 1976.  How do I know?  I still have them; dug them out of the back of my CD storage unit.  The ear pads are a little faded and tatty, but they still work and don't sound terrible.  they're not very efficient though.

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My first pair is a ms 1 which I bought it 6 years ago. I am still using them once in a while!

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First headphones are the ones I currently own, ATH-M50s

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Sennheiser HD212pro in silver around 2002. Used a Sony Discman and was walking around looking like Metal Mickey (robot from an early 80's children's TV show). Back then there weren't many of us wearing full size cans in public. Great 'phones but the black ones would have been more discrete. Things sure have changed in just 10 years and we've entered a golden age for portable audio.
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Bose Triports...broke within a few months.

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My first decent pair were Grado SR60is, which I didn't realize were open-backed until I got yelled at on the bus.

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