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For Sale or Trade: Colorfly C4 Pro 32 Gb GOD Mod

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For Sale or Trade:
Colorfly C4 Pro 32 Gb GOD Mod

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Ok guys, I promised something special and I'll give it to you.


Colorfly C4 Pro GOD Mod from russian master Asthma. The first and the last exemplar on whole planet. Collector's thing.


Conception of design and functionality of controls were completely revised.


Both headphone outputs upgraded with better capacitors. 2 x Black Gate PK 420 uF for 6.3 mm output and 2 x Elna Cerafine 400 uF for 3.5 mm output. So, now there is no any single flaw in low freq region. Soundfield now is well expanded and bass got body and weight. Even with low ohmage headphones/earphones.


Back plate was completely redone to accommodate new capasitors using LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) from birch. So, now this part has durability to crash sculls.


Protection glass of the display was replaced with gorilla glass. Yes, you definitely did not mishear - it is gorilla glass baby. You can even cut vegetables with your beloved Kiku Matsuda 63 HRC blade without any single scratch on this glass.


Battery was replaced, so it is fresh enough to drive 27 Ohm Etymotic ER4P for 7 hours and 40 minutes using FLAC (16/44.1). I think it lasts about 6.5-7 hours with my Ultrasone 900 Pro from 6.3 mm.


It was dyed with 2 component black paint for car bodies.


And for the name of God, control elements were redesigned. Now C4 has almost classical gamepad cross controls. It is really comfortable now. Especially for blind navigation.


So, as the result we have the best sounding player on the market. I've had MA 9, HDP-R10, HM-601/602, AK100, MGR-E8, T51 and auditioned HM-801 for a long time. This pure peace of art just blows them all out of the water. I still didn't heard HM-901 balanced and unbalanced, so can't judge it.


There is a birch on last photo to show you the beauty of those russian trees and girls :p


In the end we got top grade DAP looking like Godzilla's child and ready to be your best companion even in a long nuclear winter.


I'll put it for two weeks here. Please send your offers via PM, but beware it won't go for cheap. So low buyers don't even try.


Please pardon my poor cameraman skills and dust on the photos.


P.S. Even Altmann looks like a child in a face of master who created this gem and crying all night when see this unit.


P.P.S. Please don't fap at my girl! It will be unfair :p   I'm serious guys!

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This is simply stunning. GLWS

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"P.P.S. Please don't fap at my girl! It will be unfair :p   I'm serious guys!"


Sorry .. Too late .. :atsmile:


Anyway, any interest for a trade ?

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a price duuuuuuuude!!!
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Just offer guys. I'll consider trades for something special too :)

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Ok, SOLD and will fly to new owner in Brunei tomorrow. Thanks for watching guys.

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So how much did you sell this masterpiece for?
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