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wireless dj headphones?

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HI, im new here, not sure if this is the right place to put this, sorry if its not..


ive been using my UltraSone DJ1 for the last two years, I LOVE THEM, the bass is amazing, great sound with PowerAmp on my android.  best sound ive ever heard.  Well the cable at the jack is starting to break (the sound cracks when i move the cable =[ )  


well now i want to try some new headphones that wireless and that can give me the same or similar sound as the dj1s.  i saw that the beats have some studio wireless headphones, but im not the kind of guy that jumps on the band wagon lol..  are there any other headphones that are simnilar to the DJ1s with similar sound, but wireless and will still use the sound affects that i apply in poweramp?  


thanks for any input =]

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nothing? well dang lol, what other sub-forum should i repost this in?

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