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Best Earphones 25 $

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I m searching earphones with great low and belanced high and medium  for music like dubstep, martin garrix, avicii, but also eminem or fedez (italian rap)


which earphones do you reccomend me?



Sorry for my english, i m italian



BUDGET 20€   that is   25$


BUDGET 20€   that is   25$


BUDGET 20€   that is   25$





Thanks at all

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With that little to spend, IEM's will give you the most for your money.  Check out the budget cans in the buying guide:

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For that amount of money, I found the JVC HAFX1X to be very good. A bit bassy, but that goes hand in hand with the genres you enjoy listening to. Also check out ljokerl's review of multiple IEM's.

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thank :D



i have bought jvc hafx1x ... they will arrive the next week

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Glad to hear. Give use your impressions when you receive them.



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