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For Sale or Trade:
Mad Dogs 3.0 For your Dac/Amp Combos!

Will Ship To: CONUS & Canada

Hey all, I have a pair of Mad Dogs 3.0 that I'd like to trade for a DAC/amp combo.  I currently don't have either an amp or a DAC and I have a pair of headphones coming that really need them.  So, I'd like to trade these!  They are really in perfect condition.  I don't see any scratches at all besides where the earpiece touches the metal bars, there are little scuffs there but they are hidden under the metal bars!  the pads are perfect and don't even look like they have been worn.  Honestly, they sound great.  I actually prefered to listen to these over my HD600s when I had them (don't yell at me, I know how much you guys love the HD600).  I'd be interested in a trade for Vali/Modi, Aune T1, Magni/Modi, things like that.  I'd also consider trading for a solid tube amp without a DAC because I'm interested in hearing the sounds that tubes can bring to the table.  


If you'd like to buy them for cash, send me an offer and we will talk, but I'd rather trade if possible.


p.s. they come with both the original fostex cable and the vmoda cable.  I also have the original box that they were shipped in.