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While I've never posted on this site I've guested for quite a while and have it to thank for great purchase decisions like my HD 360s and later a FiiO F11 amp to help them sing when plugged into my PlayStation 4 controller. The answer to my current question may(probably) exist on this forum but I haven't seen it, and most likely don't know what I need to be searching to find it. Because of this I apologize if it's a foolish question that's already been dealt with numerous times.


So on my consoles I've always had Turtle Beach headsets, specifically for PlayStation 3 I would use the PX22 which allowed me to plug in my HD 360s instead of the ones that came with the set. On both 360 and PS3 these Turtle Beach models had what I would call "talkback" that you could adjust on the fly so you could hear yourself speak in your ear. However on PC I don't know how to do this easily with my HD 360s. I use a laptop so I would prefer this method be portable as well.


To let you know what I *am* aware of and have tried.


   - I've plugged up the PX22's to the laptop, which worked but was not ideal. I have to go through the process of removing it from my PS3 and the cord on the amp/controls is around 15 feet as well as thick, making it unwieldy for a laptop. It is an option however as I could buy another amp from Turtle Beach and simply modify it to be shorter.


   - I've tried using the built in Windows "listen to this device". This also falls in the works but not ideal category as it seems to only function as a blanket capture, I hear everything the mic hears instead of only when the mic is actually active and sending (whether through auto activating or key to talk)


So basically I want to have the functionality of what a console USB headset bundle would give you, but on my computer. This is primarily for gaming communication, as I find it very disorienting to be speaking in something like DotA 2 and not hearing myself when I'm used to being able to on other setups. I'm hoping there is a piece of software or hardware that is staring me in the face but my ignorance keeps me from seeing it :)


Thank you all in advance for your help.