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HD 650 or straight to Fostex TH600

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with my first post on Head-Fi as the title states I am planning on upgrading to some new headphones from a pair of Monster Inspiration I picked up while bored in an airport last fall and would like to decide between the two. From a friends recommendations I will be ordering the Schiit Modni and Magni to go with whatever I decide on (unless there is a better option for around the same price?). My question is if the Fostex are worth the extra price premium and if the Schiit Modni and Magni would work well enough with them to justify the purchase or if I would need to step those up a level as well. Any replies and reccemendations are much apprectiated.


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Two wildly different kind of signature, it's really up to what you seek.
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I'm looking for a headphone which would be excellent for music as well as a bit of a general all rounder and was told the Fostex would fall better into that position. So is there a noticeable quality increase or just a different type of sound?

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If you don't need isolation from outside noise, an open model should be your first choice. It doesn't have to be HD650, though that works for a number of genres though there are better choices for more bass heavy music. Do you need isolation and what sort of music do you listen to most?

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It really depends on what kind of music you like, but as Claritas said, an open headphone should be your default choice unless you need to block sound. The HD-650 is obviously a popular headphone you may like, but there are lots out there and a different model may be better suited to your personal tastes. 

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The area I generally listen to music in isn't exactly free of outside noise so I think the isolation would not hurt but is not needed at all times. I listen to a pretty wide variety but at the top of the list is pop, electronic, rock and a good amount of instrumental OST.

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Ok, two other questions.

How much do you care about bass response?
Are you sensitive to treble?
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I do listen to quite a bit of music that can be bass heavy and enjoy it although my current headphones the "Monster Inspiration" seem to just exaggerate it. I'd be looking for a more so clear bass rather than just extreme. For the answer to the second question, no I am not overly sensitive to treble.

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I haven't heard the HD-650 or Fostex so I can't really comment on those. Have you considered the Hifiman HE-400? It is cheaper than both of those headphones and has excellent clear bass that's very powerful without being exaggerated. It's great for electronic, pop, and rock. Orchestral is not its strongest genre, but it does a decent job there. 

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I had not and they do look interesting although price is not really and issue and I can easily go with something up to around the price of the Fostex. I do really enjoy orchestral music and have quite a bit in my library so that is definitely an important factor. As before I'm going for an all rounder and the HE-400 looks ok but I am prepared to go a few price brackets above something like that for improvements in quality.

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Ah I think you'll do fine with the Fostex if you went from Monster headphone, it has one of the most articulated bass I've heard from a headphone, the clean not boomy kind. IMO it's better than HE-400 too.
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You have many closed models to choose from in this price range. If the Fostex is like it's big brother (charts indicate yes), it will be very good for bass heavy genres including a lot of dance music, but consider something more versatile and a little more neutral if you listen to classical too.
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I reckon that is very difficult to like both the HD650 and the TH600, given that their sound signatures are pretty much polar opposites (I own both, and love one and hate the other).  Do try before you buy.


Something like the HE500 is a good compromise in open cans - and the W1000X in the closed category.

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Just to throw a few into the mix here but the K712s should be looked into. Their open-back with a tilt to warmth makes for a good all-arounder. If you don't mind modding I suggest looking into a Q701 which is essentially the same driver but with different tuning and pads. You can however mod the Q701 to have more bass by simply removing an internal sticker... Again just to throw a few more options your way.

I wouldn't hesitate at the HE500 at their price as well. Also the HE4 if you have the amp to drive them (I woulds to have at least 1.5W-2W on tap) and if you can find them new.

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So I decided on the Fostex TH600 and thought a follow up post was necessary. I received the TH600 and the HP-A4 in the mail today and the clarity and increase in detail over my Monster Inspiration is rather amazing. With my music collection and the general genres I listen to as well as various other media I am quite satisfied with the purchases and have a feeling that I'll easily be putting more money into this hobby. Thanks to all for the input ^^

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