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I posted a new thread on the general help forum and unfortunately no-one able to offer advice.
I am looking to source a same quality replacement for the large single flange silicon tips that come with the Brainwavz earphones (S1). Unfortunately Brainwavz themselves don't seem interested in helping out.

A common theme you see across the various review sites is that such replacement tips are ok but not up to standard of the originals this applies to all makes who do not make original tips available for customers to purchase.

I have tried spare tips that I had been using for my old sennheiser in ears phones and they were terrible. Just received some Xcessor tips which generally well reviewed but not in the same class as the originals.

The central stem of the Brainwavz tips is about 50 pct thicker than the Xcessor stems. Additionally the exit hole at the top of the tip is a quite small 3.5mm on the Brainwavz and about 4.5mm on the Xcessor. Does not sound like much but the difference in performance is staggering. All the details is there with the Xcessor but to my ears there is a huge reduction in overall bass/richness/tone. Its not that the sound is bad , just that the original tips are so much better.

I know the Comply foam tips would solve the issue but I use theses phones for Gym work training etc and they get very hot and sweaty. I find the silicon tips work much better in such conditions and last much longer.

I cannot understand why Brainwaivz cant or wont supply spare tips as for sure customers will pay for quality.- maybe they think that for choosy listeners Comply is the solution.