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So here's a puzzler...

I'm getting a strange harsh hiss noise in my system that's happening before the amplifier (it can be amplified).

My system I'm hearing the noise with:

Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra 2 running Logitech Media Server --> LAN Ethernet --> Logitech Squeezebox Touch running Enhanced Digital Output --> USB with ferrite bead --> ODAC in standalone enclosure with RCA output --> Cavalli EHHA Rev A --> HD-800's.

The hiss changes depending on the song I choose (and seems to be repeatable) to play which is the really weird part. The hiss was not always present so I'm pretty sure it's not in the source material... but it sounds like it is.

The other important thing is that it changes intensity as the music crescendos. When the music is paused the noise will start and stop, often changing channels or be present in both channels at one time.

Does anyone have an idea where I could start to diagnose this?


EDIT: After some component isolatoin, I was able to determine that in fact the noise comes from the ODAC! Very odd... I guess I"ll try some tricks to get it to get away...but it sounds like the ODAC may be busted.... the noise floor on it was designed to be very low

Probably a good time to start the Buffalo IIISE build...
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