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sonus faber extrema in house

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you know I love little sf. went from memento to evolution.  I had the extrema 3 days. not nearly broken in. omg! they are off the chain. my big wilsons still better but for a bedroom system this is scary good. i have a rel sub which is sort of required with such little speakers. if you think you know "bookshelf" speakers think again. I realize they are expensive but this is summit fi. I am not really good at reviews. I would say listen but they are sold out.

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Greetings from another owner of sf. I have a pair of Cremona Auditors with a rel sub too.
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You know, you are pretty much required to post pictures :bigsmile_face: 


What kind of Wilsons do you have?


I am personally a HUGE fan of Sonus Faber.  The Guarneri Homage (if I can ever get my hands on a pair) are to me the most magical speakers to my ears.  Congrats and an outstanding pair of speakers you've go there!

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their "little" speakers are magical. I just felt the Alexandria was better than the big ones.i have the ml clx not hooked up and a broken pair of apogee grand among others. I have said all this before and probably some pics. the memento's were really the only speakers I used and now it will be the extrema. the sound is incredible for such small speakers but they do need a little rel sub to help them out. the crossover to the sub is like nonexistent. I am powering them with a moon 700i because I do not have a lot of room in my bedroom. I can't imagine a better system this small.

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+1 for pictures please.


I'm only clocking in as a general SF admirer. I still own what I think was their very first speaker, the Electa.


If I wasn't into headphones so much these days, I'd still be lusting after a Guarnieri Homage - any of the 3 versions would do. Each later version seemed to get bigger, better and more expensive, but even the first one was special. The epitome of compact high end done good.

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I used to have a pair of Signums (bookshelf speakers) with the matching stands. I still miss them to this very day after selling them 10 years ago (went to Merlin VSMs). They did things I haven't been able to recreate again and I've not been able to find another pair used to pick up again. 


They were probably the most emotionally satisfying speakers I've ever had thus far.

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I took a pic but I am not going to post it. I do not want to post a pic of my bedroom. so I did a close up and blacked out the background. now it looks like a stock photo quite frankly. in another thread people doubted I owned another piece of gear. certain people are causing me to lose my reputation around here. so before I cause any more controversy I am just going to pass. sorry.


btw, these are the 30th anniversary edition. I did not even know there was an earlier edition. if I was seriously a jerk I could have just snagged a pic off the net. that is not what I do. I hope people that have seen me around here for the last five years know I try to be honest. in fact a while ago when I had posted misinformation in another thread I quickly admitted it and apologized. that was not about ownership either. it was about technical knowledge. I don't need people doubting me so I am just going to keep quiet. if you really want to see a pic just go to sf's website. I swear I am not a shizer and feel bad other people called me out in another thread. it is a fine line to be anonymous and also provide proof. I hope you all understand my feelings on this.

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I think you are being a bit overly sensitive from whatever happened on the other thread.  I, as a third party, read the thread and did not get the impression any one was doubting you, they just genuinely wanted to see what the speakers look like (me included). 


http://www.sonusfaber.com/en-us/products/extrema for anyone else that wanted to see what they look like. 

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Originally Posted by music_man View Post...I could have just snagged a pic off the net. that is not what I do.


I'm not so proud, so here's picture from the internet:



Sonus Faber Extrema 

Looks quite a bit different (and more stylish) than the original. I didn't even know this existed.


PS. I think it's ok to borrow pics of the internet, as long as it's clear that's what you've done.


Edit: Oops, Senn-fi beat me to it

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oh screw it. if anyone wants to doubt me so be it. there were things in the background I did not wish to share with the world. nothing bad mind you. anyways, what you can't see in any of the pictures here is that the entire top of the speaker is carbon fiber! not a veneer. it is solid thick,functional carbon fiber. yes, I did edit this obviously.


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music_man, it doesn't matter what people think. As long as you're enjoying the music, there's no need for external affirmation of what you're already experiencing via the music you get from these beauties.


I wish I had pictures of my Signums as they were in a really cramped and messy room (my family crashed into a single room in my sis-in-law's place while waiting for our home to be built), stuffed with so much crap between it there was no hope of all the audiophile stuff (ie. imaging, soundstaging, etc) happening. But what came out of the Signums was glorious nonetheless.

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that's exactly it. I am rather embarrassed the conditions these speakers are sitting in. I just did not feel like sharing the mess I call home. I actually took the plush animals off the top of it for the pic lol.  I don't care. I am sure they and my previous pairs could sound much better but I am very pleased with the sound. I like to enjoy myself and not be concerned with a pristine bedroom. I have a dedicated listening room for that. which indecently I hardly use anymore. as they are I am very happy with them.

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I have a 3.5 year old. My home is in shambles with all his toys and stuff around. Dedicated listening room? WHAT THE HELL IS THAT??!?!?! (says the Dad reminiscing fondly of his before kid days). :(

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I think Sonus Faber probably makes the most attractive speakers on the market if you consider their entire range.

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There's a nice mini review by Absolute Sounds here.


Learned a few more things: Only 30 pairs worldwide. And then there's the price. Gulp. A little bit more than the originals, from memory.

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