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For Sale: NAIM Nait 5i (non italic)

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For Sale:
NAIM Nait 5i (non italic)

Will Ship To: CONUS

Hello all,


Yes this is a very nice looking and sounding Nait 5i. I bought it used from Audiogon last year for $950 which is considered a fair price for this piece.


The reason I am selling it for $650 is because the cap (not the knob itself, just the metal cap that goes OVER the knob) is loose. A little bit of glue is all it takes to keep it on. It looks fine, does not affect the sound in ANY way, and yes the remote works well!


It's in very good condition, and had it not been for that one minor thing, I could sell it on A'gon for the same price I bought it for. 


Feel free to ask questions.



LA Mitchell


p.s. the reason I am selling is because I want to have a one-box solution instead of a separate AMP and DAC. I have my eye on the Naim UnitiQute.

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