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Would a AMP benefit the UE 6000?

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First of Hello! My first post on these forums~ I'm just starting my journey on searching for better sound.


I recently upgraded from Dre Beats (Studio) (1st Gen) to Logitech Ultimate Ears 6000, The subtle sound differences make a world of difference. They sound much better.

As far as i'm aware when you turn on the Noise Canceling feature the on-board AMP turns on? So my question are head phones that have this feature, are they benefited at all by a external amplifier? If so are their any recommendation around the $30.00-$50.00 price point?



Thanks for all your answers!

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As far as I know, and I could be wrong, when you turn on the NC it begins to emit a white noise, not some form of amp. Regardless, all headphones benefit from the use of an amp. The UE6000 in particular, was designed as a portable headphone, for the average joe. And they recognized when designing these headphones, that the average joe wouldn't be using an amp. And therefor designed the headphones according to those standards. So the real question is, does the use of an amp make it that much better, that it is worth the money you spent. Meaning the ratio of cash to performance must level out. On a headphone like the one you own, I don't think it is worth it. But it is all about experimenting. So go ahead, get a starter amp like the FiiO E11, or something similar. And make the decision for yourself, is the increased sound quality worth the price, and in this case, the extra bulk?

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Appreciate the response, I guess I will go a head and purchase a cheap amp (Will check the one you suggested).

My main concern was I didn't want to ruin the head phones by adding an AMP in the case (I thought) they already had their own, and by adding a 2nd AMP somehow blow them up or something lmao.

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No, nothing will be blowing up. Tell me your thoughts when you get the amp.



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