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i want to go with a pair of cans that don't need an amp to sound at least good as i don't like having too much stuff in my pockets, that's the same reason i went with m80 last time i had to choose a ew pair of cans.


i mean, on the go i listen to mp3 320kbps, good quality etc, but being on the go (home-work or going to a friend's place, suburbs, bus, plane) i'd rather spend 50 bucks more for a better headphone that doesen't need an amp than having one that need the amp.


here it's just a matter of comfort. if i'm at home i don't even use headphones so the amp would be useless to me.


anyone has ever tried or has the psb m4u can tell me id the ear pads are good quality or not ? by quality i mean if the black paint layer comes of like the xb500's after a year of non intensive use etc. 

for the beyer dt150 : the only (visual) issue for me is that they don't seem very portable. and sound quality where would they be ranked in the comparative linked before ?
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Originally Posted by halfinfinity View Post

I think this review would be helpful. It compares the top closed headphones on the market. It includes the PSB's the Viso HP50's and more.

Innerfidelity has some of those headphones



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Lets see...
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I would certainly consider the Shure 1540... or maybe some Mr. Speakers Mad Dogs.

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I would vote for Shure 1540. Supremely comfortable, tight, natural mid-range, resonant treble. They are a bit expensive and kinda large.. but they are worth every dollar.!

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Shure 1540 do look very nice, but unfortunately they are not available on the european market (except 2 stores where they retail at 500 euro, that's almost 690 USD), and they are a bit expensive even from the US. I would pay them 380 euro, that's in the budget, but shipping + duty fees would cost me an extra100-120 euro.

same thing for mrspeakers, unavailable on EU market.

That's the big problem with european market, we get maybe half the things available in the US, at almost double the price.

For now i'll stick with NAD, PSB and any other cans that are at the same level or in the same price range (and EU market avaialble)

Every advice is more than welcome and thanks again for your replies !!
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Originally Posted by zunehdrocks View Post

The shure 1540 made it on tyll's wall of fame
Oh wait...
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