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I currently have the Astro a40 headset (3-4 years old) + mixamp (1 year old) and I've been looking for a pair of cans to replace them. I've had my eye on a pair of Sennheiser HD 598 but I am never sure of myself haha.


I am looking for a pair of cans that would be a solid upgrade to the a40s. Mainly used for gaming and music. When it comes to music I mainly listen to metal, grind, death metal etc. Also a big fan of electronic music and some hip hop. I plan to use the mixamp in conjuction and sooner or later will end up getting a xonar essence stx card for my pc. I also have the mic under control. 


So #1 gaming #2 metal #3 electronic (priorities)

I need help picking out a good fit for me. I have a slightly large head if that helps with any recommendations too.


In the Mad Lust envy thread they recommended the x1 and the hd 598. I'd like to keep the price around 200.

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HD598 seem to be very appealing, specially in terms of soundstage (good for gaming) and overall balanced frequency response. You should look elsewhere if you are looking for powerfull bass. In that case, Fidelio X1 could be a better pick.


Best Luck!

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