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Originally Posted by Lorspeaker View Post

KRK isolates quite well, and it is a closed can. 

The pads are memoryfoam. the drivers have good clarity.

You're tempting me... Well I guess I'l give a try, in the worst case I have either 7 or 30 days to return it depending where I purchase.


 Originally Posted by cel4145
I've never heard that. Based on my experience, I don't think that's true.


I read that on some "common" reviews. I have a lot less experience than you, but I also kinda feel my M-100 overall sounds better outside and I can hear more clearly the details inside with my K375. Might be specific to those or just my imagination.:( 

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I have only listened to the M-100s briefly at a Head-Fi meetup, but I know that the M-100 is no more detailed than my Etymotic ER4Ps, indoors or outdoors.

If you try the K375 and the M-100 indoors, and the K375 is no worse or better, than the difference is that the V-Modas are more isolating. If the K375 are still worse, then the M-100s are just the better headphone.
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I guess it's an isolation problem then. Also  when the K375 cable rubs against my shirt I can hear the echo even more than the music, and it's really really irritating. I thought about trowing them away more than once because of that despite their good sound...


I guess M-100 is rather good for outdoor compared to some others, but Etymotic ER4Ps is overkill.:biggrin: 

But yeah, it means I can get better.


Will KRK do the job both outside and inside or is it better if I take KRK outside + K/Q701 inside?

Any idea for some earbuds? ER4Ps tempted me but is it fine with what I listen to?

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I wasn't impressed with the KRK KNS 6400. Never heard the 8400.

ER4Ps have a very linear sound. So I would think that they would work better for the genres you listen to than the M-100s, unless you like the bass emphasis of the M-100s. Have you seen this review list of IEMs?


It does discuss the different sound signatures, microphonics, and their isolating ability. Lots to choose from smily_headphones1.gif
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M-100s bass are fine because they are warm and not overdoing it. But once again I care more about having a crystal sound.


So much to choose from indeed... 


Well I'm gonna think about what you told me and do some reading, then I'll give a try to your recommendations before telling you my final choice.


Thanks again guys! ;) 

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kns8400....crystal clear



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Sorry for my late answer, quite busy these days.

I will try the headphones we talked about really soon.


Thanks for the link, I sent a PM earlier. :wink:




By the way does anyone knows some good in-ear, noise isolating and with detachable cable? I know Sennheiser IE80 but no idea how good it would be for what I listen to. Also noise cancelling is passive.

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