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Fake Panasonic RP-HTX7 ?

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Above image's headband peels off easily







Where the wire connects to the earcup is strange.

The colors are also different, not black

Are they fake?

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Bit late to the punch on this one i realize however i can say this having just bought two pairs for cheap backups.


1. The little silver Panasonic circle on both of mine are metal not plastic.


2.The part of cord above the earphones on both of mine is not cloth wrapped.


3.Where the wire connects to the earcup on mine is a Flat rubber with no ridges like yours has.


4. The headband covering is of poor quality to begin with so i could see that peeling easy in any case.


If this is still an issue for you if you'd like i can upload pictures of mine as a reference.



Hope that helps.

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Thanks. This was definitely a fake item. I was able to confirm that. 

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Sorry to hear that =( hope you were able to get a refund. Out of curiosity if I may ask where did you purchase them? Usually it's the much more expensive sets you see faked(especially designer crud like beats) I'm kinda shocked (even though I like mine a lot) that anyone would fake these.

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yeah I was surprised too that they have copied this one too. I bought it from the Ebay and got a refund without returning the item.

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