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Superlux HD668B, HD330 or Audio Technica ATH-M50x

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Hello there,

I'm looking for a nice over the ear headphone for use in a quiet studying room and everyday regular listening. I'm now using a Koss PortaPro with an IPod Nano and I mainly listen to rock (Radiohead, Pink Floyd, the dessert sessions, white stripes etc.). However, during studying I like to listen to more bass heavy music like dnb. I think I would be most happy with an alround headphone.
I've done my own research and am very fond of the m50x, although I'm no fan of the clamping around the head (my head is quite large). However, 155 euro's is quite a lot of money for me and I would be happy with cheaper alternatives.
This is where the Superlux come in. I have no way of testing them, so I ask you for help. Given my type of usage and music taste, which of these headphones would you recommend? Which one would have the most punchy bass? I've tried some open backed headphones before and felt like they were perfect for rock, but not so much for electronic music. Do you think this is also the case for the superluxes?

Thank you for your time and input.

(I repost this here, since it's a more appropriate forum)
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If you tried on a new pair of the M50X, they would likely loosen up some through use. You could speed up this process by letting them stretch around some books.

It's hard to build a good open headphone with the bass emphasis and deep extension of the M50X because the sealed in nature of a closed headphone can help a lot with bass response. Which is also why the M50Xs have some clamp--to make sure that the seal is tight against your head. So some clamping force is actually necessary.
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Thank you for the response, good to know that the M50 will loosen up somewhat with more use. You are definitely right that closed headphones typically have a better bass response. However, there are still many open headphones with a pretty nice bass response, so does anyone know how this plays out with the HD668B?


I just noticed that the HD330 has an impedance of 150 Ohms, so that one is no option for me. Anyone has any experience with the HD668B who is willing to expand on how suitable it is for my taste in music?

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Given your music taste I think Audio Technica D40fs would be a better fit.

Their price has decreased significantly over the years, to about half of what I paid for them some ... 10 years ago.


In terms of performance it's not far off from it's more recent sibling, the M50(x). The sound signature on the other hand is a bit different.

The D40fs it's the so called "enhanced bass precision studiophone" version of the (linear) M40fs. This translates in a quite engaging and punchy character, without sacrificing too much the traits of a genuine studio headphone.


Compared to the Superlux HD668B (probably my favorite amongst cheap headphones), I'd say it's a lot more suited for rock (and modern music in general). The sound is warmer, more involving and with lots of PRAT.

The HD668B can do rock well enough, but it has a more "mechanical", "matter-of-fact" presentation with less excitement.

Also it's a bit more demanding on amplifiers than the Audio-Technica D40fs, which is 4db more sensitive.

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