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Recently purchased westone adv alphas for ~$80 but am contemplating whether or not I should keep them or buy the havi b3 pro and vsonic vsd1s. Both of which would be about the same price as the westone.

So, question is even though the adv are reviewed as being dark iems are the vocals really going to be that bad on them? Was going to use them as an upgrade from my meelectronics s6 for running and the gym but according to the review I saw (thump at night) it is an extremely bass heavy iem. So what would you do in my situation ? I am still relatively be new to the forums and wanted to seek the advice of the forum.

lastly I listen to top 40/edm/hip hop/r&b/dance/just about everything and for the majority of the music I listen to having bass isn't a bad thing but only if it doesn't come at the cost of completely destroying the highs. So are they a worthy upgrade from the me electronics? Or should I return/sell them?
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