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Originally Posted by m-i-c-k-e-y View Post

The custom issue I was referring was Australia thru their local distributor. They had this weird experience of a shipment returned to them. They are also changing shipment strategies especially Europe. USPS Priority Boxes are treated as ordinary mail.

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Awesome, thanks mickey:beerchug:.  This sounds like it could be a great deal, I'm just not sure which one and which options to go with if I decide to proceed. 

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Originally Posted by m-i-c-k-e-y View Post

Dual DAC option and additional THD Upg. just posted.

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I saw that as well, now that is tempting 

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I backed the X128 last week with the IEM package & was thinking I would add the THD package as well when new ones were available.


However, now with the dual dac option lowering the s/n ratio even further after the IEM package drops the noise floor, I saved myself $100 & grabbed the dual dac's.

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Thanks for your information.  I feel much better now about this process.  Do you know if they are still strictly in the planning phase for the Geek Wave players or are they starting to assemble basic units that can be modified to meet individual perks?  I would assume that they at least have prototypes of the basic models??  Anyway, thanks again and I'll be following the progress....  I do agree the dual DAC option sounds tempting.

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Just looking for opinions on what might be a better option for pairing with the IEMs in my sig.  I also don't mind getting a balanced cable in the future.  


XD128 vs. base 128 with IEM package, femto clock, and dual dac.  They would be close to the same price range, I realize the XD128 would be the higher end setup, but the XD128 plus the IEM package is more than I want to spend.  I'm assuming that the XD128 with adapter can still work with SE earphones?




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A formal warning to everyone: We are well aware that Indiegogo and LHLabs have a promotion where if you sign up enough "friends" to a project you can get the device for free. Posting those affiliate links here, or affiliate links from Amazon or other sites is forbidden.

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Thank you:happy_face1:

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Yep aware of it. Just the same with Geek Pulse right?

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just bought a geek wave 32gb.... seems to be the same as the geek out but as a DAP, however I couldn't find any info if the wave features the "3D awesomifier".... does anyone here has an idea if the wave has it?


...and .... is the wave really going to be shipped in 2015 or is there a chance to be available earlier?

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I think there will be a chance of delay instead of earlier release:p

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I just put in for the Wave XD128 with the IEM package:) The specs seemed to good to me not to take a chance on it...  All the Geek Wave models seem like they have really good specs for the price, and the reviews of their other products seem quite good as well.

It sounds like  the big reason for these being made at these prices is do to the group funding.  I'm hoping since the campaign is at the end it is less risky than buying in at the start of the campaign, as the product design should be in its final stages.

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I agree. If they're estimating 2015 already, there's very little chance it'll be available in 2014. Geek Out was originally estimated to ship in Oct 2013, then pushed back to Jan, then Feb, then April/June. And that's for the Kickstarter backers. So while I'm sure we'll be getting a great product, there's a long wait ahead.

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ok lets wait then  ....


what about the "3D awesomifier" feature, will the geek wave have it?

heard it sounds very good on the geek out so hope they'll include it in the wave too  

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Originally Posted by AxelCloris View Post

Last minute reminder for those who are interested in purchasing the IEM upgrade, THD upgrade or both that you only have a few hours left. From what I've been told, those perks are going to be gone as of midnight PST tonight. Larry did confirm you can get both in the same unit.
I ordered the XD128 this morning with the IEM package. I didn't realize that they were not going to offer the IEM package after tonight. Now I'm glad I didn't wait:). I was gong to put off the IEM package and think about it for a few days first.
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That seems to be the general strategy for LH's marketing: offer X for only a day or 2 and you can't get it again. People evidently go for that marketing. XD
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