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For Sale:
Audio Technica ATH-M50S Straight Cable

Will Ship To: USA

Since I got my v-moda M100's I haven't touched my M50's very much, if at all.


They're about 3 years old, and show some wear. The headband is peeling in a few places and the ear cushions could stand to be replaced, but they still fit and sound great.


This is the straight cable version; no bag or 1/4" adapter included.

A few months ago, the coil around the connector unraveled a bit and was starting to catch on things so I just removed it.


I originally planned to do the detachable cable mod to these, and got the jacks, but never got around to it. Having the M100's there's really no reason to for me. So I'm including the jacks too. It's a pack of two.


$50 shipped to anywhere in the USA, payment via PayPal.


Feel free to PM me with any questions.

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