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Quest for the next pair

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I'm back in the hunt for my next pair of cans and as always wanted to hear the input of the geniuses (or is the plural genii) here at head-fi.


The cans I'm using primarily at the moment are the Ultrasone HFi-580 and the V-Moda M-80s. From this, I'm sure you can infer that I like punchier cans. 


What I'm looking for in the set of cans is primarily comfort and the largest soundstage possible. As a result, I'm locked into circumaural and openbacked headphones.


Finally we reach the part where I ask your advice. I was thinking about going with the beautiful Sennheiser HD-598s. Do you think these fit my criteria and listening style? I do like punchier style, but as long as they have at least some impact they should be fine. Also, I do current have an E7 amp.

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I don't think the HD598 have the impact you want.
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HFI2400.  Big, punchy bass, open-back, and circumaural.  You will need something better than an E7 for it, however.  Look into solid-state amps that do well with K701, K601, and K501.

If you want to try tube amps, those are mentioned in the big Ultrasone Fan Club thread.  Some people will discuss HFI2200.  It is just a brown and beige HFI2400, so the tube amps repeatedly recommended with that one will do as well.

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How much do you think an amp will run me?


Two points of info:

1) I'm trying to keep this new set-up under the 260 range (max) 

2) I'm trying to step away from the Ultrasone line and move into something new, though I do love their sound signature.


Thanks for the help so far guys!

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Perhaps the Fidelio X1?  It's efficient, but I don't know about its sound.  You may have to give up on having punchy bass if you want big soundstaging, efficient, and open-back without having to buy a desktop amp.

If you want something different and decide to stick to closed-back after all, consider K545, SRH840, or DT770Pro-80.

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Yea, when i saw this my first thought was Fidelio X1. HD598's are amazing headphones, but not if you want punchy bass. Another advantage to the X1's (not that it doesn't applies to the HD598's) is that you don't need an amp. But it seems as though all of this was already said. 

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See this is where I would love to test these bad boys out. I've always wanted to try the beyer line up out. From what I've seen, their sound signature really appeals to me.

Few questions:
How is the soundstage?
Their comfort, how long before they start to feel uncomfortable?
Difference between the 250, 80, and 32?

The x1's have me captivated as well. How are they compared to the 770's?

As the highest end fans I have are the 580's, how are these in comparison?

I'm probably gonna end up with one of these two pairs in the next couple weeks. Thanks for the suggestions guys!

I'm sorry for all these questions, if you want to direct me to a better area for this, I'd me much obliged.
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Did my own research so I didn't have to bother you guys. I've settled on the x1 though it seems I'll be buying a new cable (suggestions?).
I would however like to see the last question answered. How are they compared to the 580s? I will be selling those as I buy the x1.

Thank you again
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