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To Buy or Not to Buy?

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I'm currently using the Fiio E06 with v-moda m100s, it does make the music more enjoyable from my iPads output.
But I'm wondering if switching to the E12 will make a huge jump?
How much more can be squeezed out from my v-modas?

(And any other alternative products similar to the Fiio E12 around £100 or less?)

My aim is to drive them harder, they already pack a punch, just wondering is there still more?


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I have not listened to these amps side by side. I am purely looking at the specs. E6, and E12. Take a look:



Looking at the main factors, the E12 has much higher output power, lower distortion, and much better voltage swings. So it appears, on paper, that the E12 would provide a higher quality sound, and much more power for you to bump hard. 


Always keep in mind that specs on paper are only just one aspect. The whole reason we are all here is because of the emotional response to music, and that my friend, is very hard to measure. Always keep an open mind with audio gear. Some of the best audio experiences I've had came from gear that appeared horrible on paper : )


But yes, the E12 will tick your qualification tick boxes. 

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Some of the bass I'm listening to now distorts a bit when I put everything on max volume.
Is that to do with the quality of the song (spotify) or to do with my headphones or amp?
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What I would do, literally, what I would do for starters is find the power handling capacity of the M100, and match it up with the specs of the amp that I listed above. Can the headphone handle what the amp can throw at it full volume?

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