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For Sale:
NOS 12AU7 Tubes (RCA, Tung Sol, Mullard and others)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Thanks for reading

Tungsram E80CC - Lightly used - $20
NOS Tung Sol 12AU7, black glass / black plate -Original box - $70
NOS RCA clear top 12AU7 - Original box - $30
Japanese made Baldwin 12AU7 - $10
NOS RCA 5963 (computer rated 12AU7) - Black plate top getter - $20
Used but strong Mullard ECC82, 1960 wrinkled glass - $30 each (2 available)

Valab 50K Ohm stepped attenuator, new and unused - $25

All of the above listed items can be purchased as a bundle for $190.00. Some great tube rolling options and a great upgrade over the stock potentiometer.

Shipping will be charged at cost and paypal will be 4% extra.

Please send me a PM if you have any questions.