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hey whats goin on guys, i have a quick question about the skullcandy plyr 1's.  i got just them and i hooked them up to my ps3 and the sound is great but im having trouble with the mic.

when i go in game i can hear my buddies great but they can barely hear me and when i try to use the game/voice balancing joystick all i hear is beeps. i read the book i got with it but it only shows master volume as up and down but for left and right it doesn't say if it is raising the volume or decreasing the volume of my actual mic and if i hold it to long either direction my mic turns off. when i'm in my ps3 audio settings i can hear myself loud and clear on the playback but in game people can barely hear me. any tips on the direction left or right to turn up the in game voice output?  thanks.