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Superlux HD668B, HD330 or Audio Technica ATH-M50x

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Hello there,

I'm looking for a nice headphone for use in a quiet studying room and everyday regular listening. I'm now using a Koss PortaPro with an IPod Nano and I mainly listen to rock (Radiohead, Pink Floyd, the dessert sessions, white stripes etc.). However, during studying I like to listen to more bass heavy music like dnb. I think I would be most happy with an alround headphone.
I've done my own research and am very fond of the m50x, although I'm no fan of the clamping around the head (my head is quite large). However, 155 euro's is quite a lot of money for me and I would be happy with cheaper alternatives.
This is where the Superlux come in. I have no way of testing them, so I ask you for help. Given my type of usage and music taste, which of these headphones would you recommend?

Thank you for your time and input.
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I think you would be better served by the Noontec Zoro/HD. Your 3 choices are good ones; M50x - nice but expensive and doesn't seem to be the most comfortable in your case. The Superluxes are great choices as well but, the 668B is a warm headphone but not the best for your music, the 330 is better for your music but with a 150 ohm impedance it is best used with an amp. The Zoros on the other hand are great for portable use, easy to drive and add that tight punchy base which should go well with your music.Oh, did I mention the price on the Zoros ;-) ? the zoro retails for under 50 euros and the HD at around 80 euros! Enjoy.

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