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Speaker Amp Remove Output Transformers?

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Hey guys, so I'm starting a new project, a Get*Set*Go 3W speaker amp. I'm going to be using it for headphones though, and I know that the EI tranny will introduce some noise into my output trannys, so I figured, hell, why can't I just omit the output transformers?


Would it work if i ommited the output transformers? Would I get too much power? I was going to use either

        TT-023-OT from http://www.transcendar.com/2.html

I couldn't decide if the Edcor would just suck, or the other one is overpriced. I know Edcor makes solid products, but it seams too cheap to be true.



So the real question is, if I remove the output transformers, and make it an OTL amp, would it function well with higher impedance headphones?


Kind of odd, I know, but thanks in advance guys!

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It won't work. The OPTs are an integral part of the design.

Neither of those transformers happens to be appropriate.

The Edcors are OK for the money, but in the world of transformers, you generally get what you pay for.
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Any suggestion then? I don't want to spend much.
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Oh, do you mean what OPTs should you get?
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Yeah smily_headphones1.gif
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I think in going to use the PA774 EI tranny for power, even tho its a little noisier, since the Altek I would use is out of stock.
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If this is a first project like this, I would use Edcor. But I would get some very cheap ones, get the thing working, then look to upgrade.

In general, for 2A3s, 300Bs, 6B4Gs, etc, you want an OPT with a primary Z of from 3500 to 5000. I'd probably use one of these:


That said, I think this is probably not a good project for headphones.
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You don't think it would be good for Planars? I think it would be an interesting project for planars. Even using stock parts I think it could work for most headphones, since its only 3W
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It depends on the headphones. The watts won't translate. For instance, if you use a 5K:8 OPT, 3W means ~5Vrms in to 8 Ohms. 5Vrms into 60 Ohm LCD2's is about 400mW. Is that enough? Maybe, maybe not.

But my guess is that it will be noisy, anyway.
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What about into 600 ohms with a 5k 8ohm?there is an Edcor with blue bells at 10w 5k 8ohm that is only $30 that I think I'm gonna try, with the recommended PA 774 from Triode Electric
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V = IR
W = VI
W = V^2/R
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Oh yeah, my bad I knew that! I'm going to look to see if there are any alternative projects out there.
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