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WTB or Trade for: 1 Sennheiser HD600 Driver -- OR --- BUY My HD600 (probably an easy driver fix)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Looking for 1 WORKING Sennheiser HD600 Driver. One of my busted out. Also willing to trade for a Sennheiser OEM HD600 Cable, or something else. PM me if you have one and we can definitely work something out. Thanks!


Alternatively, I have a HD600 that has one good driver and another driver that needs a minor fix. All that's busted is the wire connection between the driver and the "springs" connected to the detachable cable. 


The driver itself is good. Again, it's just the wiring between the driver and the detachable cable.


It's probably a very easy fix for someone else that isn't me. 


PM if interested. Thanks!