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Hi everyone,
First post on head-fi and I just want to say that you guys have a wonderful forum that has helped me as with numerous audio-related questions and decisions. Now on to the actual thread topic, I have a pair of Beyerdynamic DT-290 (80-ohm) headphones, and I say headphone instead of headset because the mic was removed. I received them from my job as a student engineer at my school's radio/TV station as the mic was broken (and removed) so they had no use for them. They originally had a combo XLR and 1/4" cable, but I removed the XLR end and did a (poorly done) job replacing the 1/4" connector with a 3.5mm plug. I am now much better at soldering plugs for headphones and would like to have a nice (and non intermittent) 3.5mm cable for these wonderful headphones and this brings me to my actual question. Does the 3.5mm cable for the DT-250 work with the DT-290? I know that it fits because they have the same 7-pin connector, but I am not sure if the pinout is the same. If this is the case them I can save a fair amount of time by just buying a DT-250 3.5mm cable instead of redoing my existing cable (which looks very sloppy due to the former presence of two connectors) or buying a k190.00 unterminated cable and adding a 3.5mm plug to it.

Thank you very much for your help,