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For Sale: Inear Stagediver SD-1

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For Sale:
Inear Stagediver SD-1

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi guys,


I just picked up a set of the new Inear Stagediver SD-1 in normal size. It's incredibly detailed, very mid centric with vocals upfront and a nice soundstage. one of the best in ears I have heard ever for vocals. Best build quality I've ever seen. Its weakness though is sub bass-- it has decent punchy bass but I need that deep sub bass so I'm thinking of getting the SD3s. Selling these along with a lot of other earphones on ebay. since I dont have a rep yet on this forum for selling check out my ebay item 191130021566. Also selling UE900s listed on this forum via item number 191129309294 my id on ebay is "ecallese" with good ratings.. I live in Germany so would prefer to sell within the EU. If you are somewhere else though and really want these let me know. 





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