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Audio technica ATH-CKS77X vs Sony XBA 40

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So guys I'm looking for bass heavy IEMs specifically for Urban music i.e Hip Hop, DnB. I've narrowed it down to these two and I'm wondering what everyone's impression is.


Just to add, when it comes to IEMs, bass and soundstage are really important to me. So if you have any other recommendations please feel free to mention them.

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Have you bought Audio technica ATH-CKS77X ?

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Originally Posted by Whataudiophile View Post

Have you bought Audio technica ATH-CKS77X ?

Maybe I can help.


I own my ATH CKS77X (black) now for two weeks and they're pretty amazing. Honestly, I was not expecting so much.


They're good out of the box. Good bass, mids and treble. The sound is pretty detailed, enjoyable and funny.

There've got microphonics, but not too much and easily corrected by fixing the cable with a pin to the clothes. In my case, they fit and remain perfectly sealed with the bigger tips (although I don't have very big ear canals, so maybe someone can find them small). Reality is that in my case they hold better in place than RHA-MA750I (which is much to say) and (I like this a lot) are less invasive.


Well, the thing is, I use them mainly travelling and sometimes at home. The passive isolation is good, and it works great with low volumes too.

On the other hand, I'm using my Samsung Galaxy S6 plus Viper for Android to feed them. Nothing else.


After playing with v4a for a while, I made a personal-tunned profile and now I can say that I have a very (very) rich sound, with stunning punchy and textured bass (punchier but not as deep as it comes without tunning), and superb mids and highs. Another surprise; I can feel that I'm missing very few details. All is there to be heared.


* With this setup I mainly listen to rock and some metal (songs from bands like Crash Test Dummies, Muse, Tool, Marillion, AC/DC... Are exciting me again like years ago) but, since I didn't tune them yet for classical/acoustic/... I use other phones until I finish a good profile for v4a.


But returning to the phones, what really surprised (and still suprises) me, is the elasticity of this phones (talking about sound). They can be configured since near zero bass to bass-head level and they really shine. They can be as "flat" as re400. They can be as clear and more mids/highs-enjoyable as FXT90... And they always shine. They don't want to bleed between frequencies; you have to do all wrong for this to occur.


Very, very happy with them.


I bought them on eBay without original package for about 35$



This was my frist post here, so I would like to honestly thank everyone for all the info here (not only stuff reviews, but tutorials and other information too).


PS- Sorry if there're misspellings, but english is not my first nor second language.

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