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Westone UM Pro 20 problem

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Hey all,

I own a pair of Westone UM Pro 20s, they are amazing, but their build quality is terrible. The casing has come apart multiple times, and being the silly DIY thirteen year old that I am, I have used superglue to glue the casing back together, which worked, but now there is visible dry superglue residue around the insides of the casing.

This did not alter the sound, but a while ago, the thin, brittle wires which connected the MMCX socket to the drivers have come off, and my only option to fix it is to bring it to warranty. 
The question is, do you think the guys over at the magical warranty service will service a pair of IEMs that look like some sort of dried superglue poo?


I also have ruled out reshelling as an option because my ears are still growing. 

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Yesterday I took them to Thinking Group, and the lady was nice enough to replace them.
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