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For Sale: Beresford Bushmaster TC-7533 MKII

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For Sale:
Beresford Bushmaster TC-7533 MKII

Will Ship To: Anywhere

 EXECPTIONAL DAC. Period. Read if you're not familiar with this DAC (and AMP!). The DAC section is truly exceptional and why I purchased it. It also does wonders with the HD650 as an amp as well. I'm just looking for a balanced DAC at the moment and upset that I can't keep this with my Project Ember... For all further details see http://www.*************/products/TC-7533.html or just ask!


I'm looking for a sale, but the following trades I'll consider (plus $$):


Emotiva DC-1

Schiit Gungir

Any other balanced DAC (AudioGD, etc)


Paypal only (will gift if you have good feedback)

Buyer will cover shipping to CONUS

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Just curious, why can't you use this with your project ember?

Also, what inputs does it have (USB/Optical)
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Haha I meant that I sold my Ember and can't pair it with the Ember anymore. I really enjoyed the combo.

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I'm sure somebody else is really enjoying the Ember now... My tube amp is very similar to the Ember (class-A SET tube amp, 6DJ8-class).

I still don't know:
Does the DAC use USB and/or optical input options?
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Ahh yes, I use coaxial from a USB/SPDIF convertor. The Bushmaster is powering my HE-500 until my La Figaro shows up!
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Learning new stuff! Was that expensive?

So the DAC has SPDIF coaxial and optical input... and if converters are readily available & inexpensive...
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The Bushmaster has every input but USB as far as I remember, but it's late here. I run a Music Fidelity VLink 192. Plenty of these convertors out there.

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