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Could use your assistance!

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1.Akg k240 or Sony MDR-V6 ?


2. Logitech UE6000 or Bose OE2i ?


3. Beyer DT770 Pro/250 or Beyer DT990 Pro/250 ?


4. Sony MDR-V6 or Logitech UE6000 ?


5. Logitech UE6000 or Akg K240 ?


6. Bose OE2i or Sony MDR-V6 ?


I don't hear well; will be getting aides soon.


Will use for general music listening via Ipod Touch-5g, Onkyo Receiver, Computer. TV and Movies running through Onkyo.


I have a Fiio E11 amp.


I want to purchase one of the Beyers and two of the others to provide a little variety.


Will appreciate any and all recommendations, advice, suggestions, etc.


Thanks in advance!!

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If you have hearing issues, you need to start with your medical professionals.  There's a good chance that they can steer you in the right direction or at least away from the wrong direction.


Further, most folks probably don't hear what you do. 

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Thank you for your response!  I have consulted with a medical professional who advised me to get hearing aids, which are on the way!  I can actually hear through headphones although my right ear emits somewhat low and muddy sound.  As I presently have the headphones I listed, with return privileges, I wanted to get a feel for which ones I should keep.  Again, grateful for anyone's thoughts!

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:( I think hearing loss should be taken way more seriously here. I'm only 22 and I can already tell that I can't hear as well as I used to, even a few years back. I don't think it's a coincidence that I started getting into headphones about 4 years ago.


Between the Beyers I'd pick the DT990, but since some have issues with its strident treble, I'm not sure which one you would prefer.

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Hearing loss is quite common problem actually. People just tend to imagine it quite differently what it really is.

Globally hearing loss affects about 10% of the population to some degree.

Some have bad hearing loss, some only very slight and its often in certain range. When it comes to severe hearing loss, unfortunately i think the only person who can be the judge is you.


Is it certain range's you cant hear well or is it the whole hearing?


Do you plan to use the hearing aids with the headphones?


I think you could have a problem, i searched a bit and found this information: 

Can a hearing aid wearer use headphones?

No, it's not a good idea.

Hearing aid users will have problems if they try to use conventional headphones - they will almost certainly be uncomfortable worn over hearing aids with probably distorted or unclear sound.


I found this while searching some info on hearing loss and hearing aids.



Also i think you should do a quick read of this.


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Come on folks; help a newbie out, please!!

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A little background. Where are you using these headphones? What music are you listening to? Do you have an amp? My opinion may vary depending on the answers to these questions.


Home use: AKG K240

Home use w/ an amp: Beyerdynamic DT990

Outdoor use: Logitech UE6000


Please, go soft on your ears.

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Thanks for replying, Half-In!  Most of my listening will be done in a home environment using my Ipod Touch-5th gen. or my Onkyo AV receiver.  I have a Fiio E11 amp and thinking about getting a DAC(Recommendation?) for computer listening.  I listen to Classic Country, soft jazz/blues, a little folk, Honky Tonk, and easy listening pieces.  I use HPS for TV watching and especially Blue Ray movies.  I'll be starting a fitness program soon, so I'll be listening at the Health Club and while walking.  I've made a decision to keep the Beyer DT990 pro/250, am torn between the Akg K240 and the Sony MDR-V6.  Have just today discovered the AKG 450/451 and the Beyer 501 to compete with the Bose OE2i for portable choices.  Sent the Logitech UE6000 back to Amazon!  HELP, PLEASE!   Would like to have the remote/iPhone feature like on the Bose!

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It seems as though you have already decided, but for the genres you listen to, I think the Sennheiser HD598's would suit you best. Probably the most comfortable as well. They also don't need an amp to be powered, which is always a plus. They also have a detachable cable, something the Beyer's dont have. I am unsure what you plan to use the AKG/Sony headphones for, if you already have a better pair. In all honesty, I would say send them both back, and get the Sennheiser's. They are the perfect headphone for you. You can plug them into your iPod without worrying about the bulk of an amp. That's something you can't say for the Beyer's. You mentioned you are starting a fitness program soon, is that outdoors? Because you may want to consider holding onto a closed back pair of headphones. 


Anyways, glad I could help, 



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Thanks, again, Half-In!  My fitness program will be both outdoors and indoors; which closed backs would you recommend?  I love the sound of the 990 over the senn which are a little too vanilla for me.  No redeeming features to keep the akg or sony???  You've been a great help!!

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Maybe the Beyerdynamic DT770's. Or the UE6000's. Those are the two closed back's I generally recommend. And you've have both, so whichever you prefer. Although you did mention that you had the 250ohm version of the DT770's. You would have to get the 32ohm version, here, for portable use. If you feel that the Beyer's are better than the Senn's for you, than great, you have made a decision. Although, does vanilla refer to the color? Because there is a Sennheiser HD558, which has the same driver as the 598. And they can be made to sound nearly identical with an extremely simple mod. Like really easy. No soldering, you just open it and remove a piece of tape. Really that easy. Oh and about the AKG and Sony models you still have. They are great headphones, but the DT990's are supremely better, so there is no reason to keep them around. Unless you choose to use the Sony's as your closed back/outdoor headphone. 

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Half----I meant by using vanilla to describe the Senn 598 that it sounded a little softer and less dramatic than what I experienced with the Beyer 990-pro=250 for which I have a Fiio E11 to help!


Back will go the AKG and Sony-Thanks!  Now I would like to get some on-ear portables with the 3-button IPhone remote to use while working out and for travel.  Would you suggest:


1. Bose OE2i    or 2. Sol Republic Tracks   or 3. Noontec Zoro HD   or 4. AKG  K451   or Something Else


Your inputs have been greatly appreciated, and others are invited to chip-in as well!!

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As I mentioned in the previous post, I think the UE6000 is the best portable in that price range. Unless you want an on ear. Although you did have the UE6000's and sent them back, why was that? They are over ear (which is preferred by most), they are portable, they have active noise cancelling, and of course great sound. Thing about the Sol's and the Zoro's, is that they don't really conform to your head. I'm not really sure how to explain it in writing. Sort of like the ear cups don't swivel to fit your head. But you wouldn't have that problem with the AKG or Bose model's. Whichever sits with you better. 

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I sent the UE6000's back because I ordered them as new and they had every indication of having used prior to their arrival; in addition, they seemed to get somewhat hot on my head!  Do you think the Akgs @$110 0r the Bose @ $100 would be best?

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Anybody,   please!

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