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Choices for a DAP--Fiio/Cowon

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Hello everyone, 


I honestly never though I would see the day I created a Head-Fi account. 


I recently made a move toward better audio quality by picking up a pair of V-MODA M-100s. I must say, although I cant compare them to anything close, I really enjoy them. 


After hearing the quality that can arise, I am looking to up the ante a bit. Originally I was looking at a portable amp, but since then decided that I would like to just get a player that is more portable than my current devices (Laptop and galaxy note 10.1). 


I originally looked at the Fiio X5, but decided the price was too steep for me and have given myself about a 200 dollar budget. 


My criteria are mostly needing something that is portable, but something in the 4.3" screen range is not out of the question (as many cowons I have look at can be rather larger). Im not necessarily going to be adding a bunch of uncompressed files, although I plan to have some. And of course, Im looking for something that will provide better sound quality because my laptop and tablet are rather poor. 


Through all of my searching, I still cant come to a conclusion about which one I want to get/is best for me. 


I hear nothing but good things about the Fiio X3, other than the strange button layout. But it is on the upper end of the price range. At the same time, I not fully informed on how the player works as an EQ basis. As far as sound customizing, I have been looking into the Cowon branded EQ customization and from my research, offers a good bass boost. 


One of my critiques for the M-100s is I would like to have more bass on occasion. Especially in the lower range for EDM and other bass heavy music (I can be a bass head), but at the same time I will want something to coordinate with acoustic vocals and classic rock. 


My biggest question is which one sounds more appealing to a bass standpoint and can achieve recognizable results within my price range. I know I can get many cowon sub-150. Is the Fiio really worth the money, and can it be used as a DAC for my laptop? (That may be a point for the Fiio) The UI isnt too much a concern, so long as it plays music, and plays it well. I know there are a hundred and one threads, but I am still confused, and still looking around the head-fi forums. Any help is much appreciated! 



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I came from J3, loved it, and will miss it ever since I got X3. 


Love the bass, battery portability of the J3, but decide to move on..


Go for X3. The bass and treble adjustment is more than good enough.

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