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For Sale:
Philips Fidelio X1

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm selling both my HD-650's as well as my Fidelio X1's today as I pare down my heard. They're great cans, and I particularly had fun with the X1's, but ultimately they weren't what I was looking for. 


The 650's themselves are in pristine condition, no nicks or scratches - 10/10. The big grey case they come with is also in 10/10 condition, with all the foam inserts and all that. The corrugated paperboard case for the case has not fared so well, probably a 4/10. It will still serve its function...whatever that is, but if you're a lover of paperboard then maybe this is not the sale for you. $330 shipped.


The X1's are also in great condition, no sonic or aesthetic issues with them at all. They do not, however, have a box. I bought them used here on head-fi, and to my surprise there was no box when they arrived. what ever. With that said, they do come with the beautiful long cable, as well as a shorter, lower impedance mediabridge cable. Rest assured that I will use as much bubble wrap as humanly possible when packing these. $190 shipped to CONUS.


Local pickup is available in Chicago IL


Trade-wise i'm only looking for decent phono stages and maybe a dedicated DAC.



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