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I've been lurking on this forum for a long time off and on. I recently found a deal on a set of hifiman HE-500s. This will replace my shure 940s, which are cracking in the extension arm, and to some degree my ultrasone 781. Currently I only use either a fiio e7, a mackie vlz3 mixer, or an mbox 2 pro to drive headphones. Nothing fancy. Part of why I'm posting is to seek advice on a proper amp.

These may find there way to work. I work professionally with Avid Media Composer on both Mac and PC. The problem I have is that I have moments during the day where I have to work with the sound from the avid or if I'm not working with sound I'd like to be able to use a nice set of headphones to listen to my own music from a high-end source the ideal setup would involve a way to mix the two so that I can lower levels when I need to hear one source or the other better. I'd really like to do this externally and not have both sources coming from my main CPU. I know a lot of setups described on here A geared towards standalone setups that cater just to music listening.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to being a member of head fi.
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