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Wanted: Phonak Filters

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Phonak Filters

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I didn't think ahead and hoard these when I had the chance, so if you have any filters (any colour) let me know your price including shipping to the UK. Thanks in advance.

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You could try Sonusmobile.pl -> select language + currency (top right)

Ordered two sets of grey filters from them last month. Excellent, responsive and fast shipment, highly recommended. BTW, only ships to EU.
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That's perfect thanks - I've looked around for filters for a while and couldn't find them, 

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You're welcome. I was looking for them as well - they are quote rare nowadays - untill a fellow HF member mentioned Sonusmobile. At first I was sceptical because the website was a mixture of English and polish, but the owner told me that the website is currently ' under construction' in order to meet HF customer expectations. It was a very smooth transaction (PayPal). Hopedully it will be the same for you. Good luck!
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