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For Sale: MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Headphones

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For Sale:
MrSpeakers Alpha Dog Headphones

Will Ship To: USA

Hey Folks, 


Long time member here, but first time selling anything. I'm selling my fairly new Alpha Dogs which I received last month. Includes the new add-on 'felt dots' which improve upon the treble. They can be removed. I just received these a little over 3 weeks ago and have not made any changes, adjustments or mods to them. They are in the same condition as I received them. Everything will be included as a new set would. The bass sticker is still on the headband and I wrote it on the inside box for safe measure in case I lost it.


I have only spent around 15 minutes with these headphones, and while they truly are amazing, my overly sensitive ears and head makes the experience fairly uncomfortable. Gets uncomfortably hot. These are the first set of cans that really have a firm seal over my ears and it's just not comfortable for me after 10 ten minutes or so, which is unfortunate because they sound fantastic. 


Anyhow, now's your chance to pick these up at a discount without having to wait several weeks. As the photos show, they are in 100% perfect condition, with now signs of they should be for only being auditioned for 15 minutes. :)


Price includes Paypal fees as well as ground shipping to anywhere within the Continental United States. I am not interested in trades at this time. 


Thank You,



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Sorry, I think I asked you before - do these have the dog biscuits installed? 


Also, just left you feedback, if you haven't already, could you please do the same.

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