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E17 + E09K Questions

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I have a couple of questions about this set up...


(1) When you dock the E17, will the E09K charge the E17 battery or does it only power it ? Does E17 require charging ? can we bypass the battery and just power E17 ?


(2) Do I have to charge the E17 frequently ?

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I wanted to ask. What do you want the E09K for? The E17 probably performs as well as it with headphones up to 150 ohms, and the E17 will work better with very low impedance headphones.
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I am stuck between E17 + E09k and Tube Magic D1 Plus...



I need a powerful amplifier because I might buy high impedance headphones in the future...


I want a really good DAC for under 300 CDN as well. I want a DAC WAY better than the E17 .. I think the tubemagic D1 Plus is the only one under 300$ ...


What do you think ? Would I see an Improvement over E17+E09K with the TubeMagic D1 Plus ? are there any other DAC/AMp's out there that outperform these ?

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With the E09K, you won't get a better DAC. So you could decide on a really good DAC/headphone amp pairing, and go with just the E17 for now as the DAC (there is cheap adapter to use the E17 line out). Or get them both now.

I thought the O2 was a pretty good upgrade over the E17 headphone amp. See the reviews in this shootout.

The Schiit Magni is considered by many to be comparable to the O2. You could get it instead. Then get the ODAC or the Schiit Modi.

I have the Tube Magic D1 (not the Plus) in a setup in my house. I did compare it with the O2, but I would go with the O2/ODAC or the Modi/Magni over the TubeMagic unless you need the pre-amp capabilities or other connection options of the D1.
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How is the TubeMagic dac-wise ?



so if you were buying a DAC only, which one would you choose out of these 3 :


Audioengine D3

Dragonfly Ver 1.2




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I've only run the TubeMagic DAC with the built in headphone amp. So it's hard to divorce the two. I much prefer my ODAC and Schiit Asgard 2 setup biggrin.gif

The ODAC has been measured to produce clean digital to analog output within the human range of hearing. So I personally see no need to spend more on a DAC. The D3 and Dragonfly are not just DACs; you are also paying for a headphone amp.
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yeah, many people have recommended the odac ... Do you know any other DAC's with optical in ?


The reason I am focusing on a DAC is that I think the DAC will contribute more to sound quality than an Amplifier...

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Sorry. I don't much about standalone DACs with optical.
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