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Hi everbody,

I consider buying one of the following models: HD558, HD598, RS170, RS180.

I've read a lot of reviews about these models and I still didn't come to a final conclusion which one is better for me.

I'm looking for headphones with good sound quality and comfort.

Comfort is very important to me , and the wireless feature can enhance it, but on the other hand the sound quality I get on the same budget is less than the wired models.

One of the common situations that I'm going to use it is for watching movies.

Because this is my main scenario I found pros and cons for each one of the headphones.

I have several questions which hopefully help me decide which one is better for me:

1) What is the impact of using open headphones(such as HD558, HD598 and RS180) when all my family is watching a movie (when I'm the only person with headphones) ?

2)  In case I use one of the wireless models, and the transmitter located near my router (which doesn't have the ability to transmit on 5GHZ), Is there a noticeable effect on the sound because of the interference?   

3) I've read that there's a delay issue with the wireless headphones (which was minimized to 25ms). Is this issue really annoying when you watch a movie with external speakers on ?

4) I'm going to connect my headphones to the TV. Is there an easy way to control the volume in the headphones independently of the volume of the external speakers?