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Best headphones under 100$

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Hello, I have a Superlux HD668B headphone but it stopped working properly aprox. an hour ago. Was fine and suddenly when I tried to use it again after 30 mins, it sounded horrible. I'm sure its the headphone since i connected it to my phone and sounds exactly the same. So I am looking for a new headphone with the following characteristics;


- Under 100$

- Amplifier NOT needed, I just plug it to the headphone jack in the pc.

- Portability isn't a issue since it's for home PC use only.

- Good quality, I don't want it to stop working so quickly like my Superlux

- Balanced sound. I mainly listen to electronic music but I don't like to exaggerate the bass.


Thanks in advance.

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If your using headphones solely at home, I'd recommend some open backs. Perhaps the Sennheiser HD558's. If you do want to stick with a closed back, I'd recommend the Logitech UE6000's

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get the Brainwavz HM5, they´re the same build as Fischer Audio 003. Check out their threads here on Head-fi.

The HP is really neutral but with a nice Bass to it. You might find the clamp a bit uncomfy in the beginning but the sound will reward you:)

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With the release of M50x, prices have dropped for M50 especially used on FS. It works with your music and will last. But it might have too much bass for you.
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