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For Sale:
DNA Audio Sonett BALANCED with Extras

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Selling a DNA Balanced Sonett in excellent condition with a genuine Reflektor Supertube and Vibrapods

Comes with original DNA packaging, power cord, Vibrapods, and tubes



Reflektor 6H30P-DR Supertube (1992; genuine Reflektor, last year made) (low hours)

Sovtek 6H30P-EB Supertube (2009) (low hours) OEM

JJ Electronic GZ34 (New) (tests new, no shorts or leaks) OEM


Sonett's don't have feet so I will include a set of four Vibrapods--you can use three or four on the amp. I purchased this DNA from another Head-Fi'er who rested the unit directly on a tabletop so there are some slight rubs on the bottom; specifically near the corners. As I said it's very slight and only able to be viewed at the right angle. It's not something the camera picks up as you can see from the photos. On 99% of the viewing angles the paint/finish looks gorgeous.


Functionally it is superb sounding. It pulls you right into the music and it has the best bass I've ever heard on a headphone amp; tight, deep, and very detailed. You'll be paying attention to bass a whole lot more I guarantee you!


DNA Sonett (originally $1,200.00)

Reflektor 6H30P-DR (1992) Supertube $150.00

Vibrapods Isolation Feet $24.00


Everything with original packaging (already all packed up as you can see in the pictures) with buyer paying fees and shipping. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


P.S. I tried to let this go around a year ago and wasn't able to. Take it off my hands before I change my mind again!

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